Not Pandora’s. This is Different.

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My latest #baseball #board game graphics…

box-top-wrap Version2

This is my provisional box cover art

jumbo-card 7

Example of an At Bat card, a Grounder Right. Watch out for the Double-Play!

jumbo-card 17OUT1

“Yer OOOooUUUUT!!!”


Front side. Defensive coach places six of these (with different values) on the board’s zones.┬áThis is a chunky two-inch tile that makes a clacking noise when you slap it on the board to intimidate the batter.


This is the back side… when things start to go wrong for the defense. Sometimes the wheels fall off the bus…


Roll your mouse cursor over each illustration below for commentary…

If you ┬ádon’t want to write down the score, you can use these 2-inch tiles to keep track of runs.

The rules are in progress! It’s a different kind of technical writing challenge. I’m on it! I’m hoping to make this available to you this spring…

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