Oldest Pic I Have of Me Riding a “Bike”

Here’s a picture of me riding a tricycle in April, 1966.

April 1966 tricycle

That’s my old backyard (Fairfax, Virginia). I’m not quite 2 1/2 years old. Dig those overalls! This is the oldest picture I know of me riding a “bike”, if that’s allowed to loosely mean anything in the larger bicycle-inspired HPV (human-powered vehicle) family.

That trike is pretty cool, isn’t it? It has a cargo bed, which I’m wisely using to carry my toy car around. Seeing this pic made me think of MOBE #1.

The uncropped figure shows me following my brother around. He’s riding his bike with training wheels.

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Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

This is little Ludwig when he about three months old. (He’s currently 10 months old.)

That seems to be his brother Schubert’s rear end behind him.

(They’re too big to fit under that wooden piece these days.)

By the way, I’m almost finished with MOBE #3… It’s hard to find the time for the final edit.

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Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

This is Flash.

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Friday Guinea Pig Blogging: Batman

Last Saturday, we said good-bye to Batman, our dear companion for 18 years.  (This picture dates from last summer.)

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Portland Weather Icons

Hmmm… well, okay….

Wait–an update:

Alright…  No, wait!  Another update:

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Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

There’s a tradition among blogs (at least among political blogs) to post pictures of cats on Friday.

I want to expand that tradition to my office assistants. They are two guinea pig brothers named Ludwig and Schubert:

Ludwig & Schubert

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