Gelman Fiction Now Available

Finally available for readers to pick up: Maximalist Novel: MYSTERIOUS MATTERS OF MAX METTERS (Paperback. Kindle version coming soon)

Historic Novel: MOONIFEST DESTINY, The Rough & Ready Balloon Invasion of the Lunar Peninsula of Texas (Illustrated! Kindle version only $0.99 )

Graphic Novel: ISLAND OF THE MOTHS (artist Neal Skorpen) (folio) Thank you in advance, generous readers! Cover Click here to buy & read the novel (

MOONIFEST DESTINY is a historical fantasy novel that could be called science fiction under a big tent definition of the genre. The magazines “Quanta” and “Yawning Vortex” serialized it in the 1990s. Now available on Kindle for just 99 cents. Please click the cover to visit its page.
Available on Kindle for 99 cents

Island of the Moths logo

Island of the Moths, a graphic novel–available now

Also visit: WWW.ISLANDOFTHEMOTHS.COMpetergelmanyahoocom2.JPG As you can see on the right hand column, I’m posting on twitter…

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