In #Progress During the #Regress

Hello! I’ve been working on another novel that in part, arguably, problematically, reflects what is currently going on in Portland, Oregon, where I live. I say “reflects” but it is not a mirror.

It’s certainly not a fun thing to live in interesting times. But, as long as possible, life does go on. For example, next to my writing desk there is a window. Next to it is a tree. In that tree lived a family of crows, which made in general a delightful variety of noise in addition to the predictable “caws”. Today Stellars Jays have been visiting that tree, causing a shrieking madness of bird excitement. So life goes on, including its fun and antics.

I hope it makes as much sense to you as to me to put time into the crunch, crush, churn, caw-CAW of revision, and not blog posts. I would say I’ve finished the book, except I’ll need to make revisions for at least a few more months.

Peace, health, safety and prosperity to you.

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