Chapter 10 of the MYSTERIOUS MATTERS OF MAX METTERS podcast (a kind of audiobook) is now available ( ).


“Hey man, I thought all you punk rockers was x-tinct stuffed and mounted in the Smithsonian parking lot right after the moon rockets.”

* * *

“Oceans and beaches of the she-shore — she leavened her dreamy bread with eyes like fists.”

This is a climactic chapter which ends the first half of the “maximalist” novel. As their relationship buckles and cracks, Meri STILL doesn’t tell Max her secret, and out of pride, Max refuses to ask. Drinking downtown (in the 1980s), Max and his friends ponder such things as the middle aged Baby Boomers, their own nameless punk rock generation, rapid changes to the Minneapolis skyline, Cold War problems, the Rainbow Warrior, and angst in the local women who wear little hats. Then the answer to Meri’s secret comes suddenly a-crashing down on Max.

The length of this episode is about 43 minutes.


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