Report from the Seattle Bicycle Expo ’09

I’m having a great time at the Seattle International Bicycle Expo with Neal Skorpen.  Neal gave two fabulous presentations about his bicycle cartoon work.  I’m here to learn, while selling audio CDs of some of my bike stories (including the as-yet-unreleased Mysteries of the Bicycle Explained #9), spreading the word about the anthologies Bicycle Love and Traffic Life.  Neal’s cartoon products are selling madly.  We’re even selling some installments of Island of the Moths (which has draisines – early 19th Century proto-bikes; in fact I saw a kid on a modern draisine at the Expo today).

As you might expect, this convention is quite a bit different than the Stumptown Comic Fests I’ve been attending the past three years (and again next month).  The average age at this Expo is much higher.  The vendors tend to be bigger and without any edginess (think: REI v. Dark Horse Comics). And there’s much less DIY weird, potent creativity, more mainstream commercial and community activism.  So where do I fit in?  That’s the learning experience.  Of course the focus of the sport is not arts & culture, but I feel welcome enough to try to make my mark.   Today was pretty cold and wet in our booth under the big tent.  I’m looking forward to coming back next year to promote my bicycle adventure novel, illustrated by Neal, due out late this coming summer.

And it’s great to be back in Seattle (Portland’s big sister).  The Seattlites I’m meeting at the Expo are so enthusiastic about bikes!  And they’re so kind as to exalt Portland in that enthusiasm.

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