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This is Mysteries of the Bicycle Explained #8. “This Machine Cures Melancholia” by Peter Gelman. Concerns a winter bike ride in Portland. Bad moods, names for mountains, the pleasures of learning Spanish. A Kapow! The virtues of Mexican cactus thorns and tire slime. A lesson about fixing tire gashes, and about superpower money. Ms. Bolt of Speed! Faster and Faster. This story was published in a U.S. bike magazine, and also in Traffic Life, a Canadian anthology still available via its website trafficlife.com. My website is dangerquestmysteries.com. I wrote this story in the late 1990s. This is a recording from last spring and I hope you will forgive the sound imperfections. (I’m still working on figuring out better equipment. The microphone I bought produces a terrible hum.) Thanks for listening!