Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

Here are Ludwig (left) and Schubert (right) taking a noon snooze after tearing down their hay rack and eating all the Timothy Hay. They’ve been quite excited about Springtime, the little birds known as Bushtits flitting around the window, the carrots coming frequently from my hand… Both boys are making progress tolerating my love of them. Sometimes even Ludwig lets me pet his fuzzy head. Schubert licks my hand sometimes, with little licks that seem possibly preparatory to biting with his tile-snip teeth, making me laugh and move away nervously… They both lie flat now, less squirmy, when I take them out to watch their favorite show, the Leher News Hour. When I play “The Young Turks” talk show on my computer, or shout at my computer as I did when it bombed last week, or when I speak with my clients on the phone, they perk up and start talking back. I think they have a good life, as this picture, a couple weeks old, shows. But it just became a little more unsettled…

A stray cat entered our office team last night… She’s about six months old, I think… Quite a nice, affectionate, spritely youngster… She hasn’t revealed her name yet. The people who found her had guinea pigs, and I saw with my own eyes this feline applicant sniff them without malice or excitement. It was either adopt her to our team, or let her go to a shelter. That was what decided it.

Will everyone become friends? I’m not giddy with optimism of bending the laws of predator and prey, but it can happen.

Sorry, no cat picture! My camera is broken. I’ll work on that issue. And the name…

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