Things I Wrote About Recently, & Things I Yet Want To…

Recently I wrote about organic food, recruitment of engineers, steel containers, and the architecture of the “man : machine” interface. I also wrote about investment strategies, insurance software, and card transaction readers. The list goes on. I’m quite happy to have that work. It helps pay the mortgage. It’s excellent idea-factory work. The guinea pigs and I want to keep doing it.

But I did not yet write in this blog about “Guns, Germs, Steel, and Guinea Pigs”. Nor “The Sound of Color: Autistic Savants & Bely’s St. Petersburg“, nor “Tolstoy’s Ability to Capture Vague but Palpable Awareness of Interconnected Patterns of Life’s Self-Purported Significance in War & Peace Vol.2″, nor the provocative “The Increasingly Banal Roster of Novelists: Some Hung, Some Felons, All Rascals Or Worse”. I also didn’t finish writing my latest absurdly-heroic bicycle story. And I didn’t record any new podcasts, from my list of available scripts…

Meanwhile, here is another responsive link where you can download the 11 MP3 files of “Skull of the Robot”.

I have to earn money. Meanwhile, I’m almost done with War & Peace, Vol. 2.

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