Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

Economics Reporter Soothes Guinea Pig

hayracksnooze.jpgSchubert and Ludwig take another nap. Notice that they have once again knocked down their hayrack. Schubert has discovered the brilliant idea of napping with his head inside the hayrack. That way, if he can just chew on hay with his eyes closed, drowsing his guinea pig dreams of Incan regency.

(Also note, once again they sleep perpendicular to each other.)


They are little bulls. They like knock and bump into things. When I try to pet them, sometimes they head-butt my hand, not like a cat in affection, but in tough-guy defiance. Ludwig is a little more like that than Schubert. However, I’ve noticed something about Luddy. Sometimes I take him out during the Leher News Hour. When the excellent economics reporter Paul Solman comes on, Ludwig’s tough-guy demeanor changes. He relaxes. He makes little noises of contentment. He lies flat and lets me rub his little fuzzy head.

paulsolomon.jpg Paul Solman soothes and tames our fears of learning about economics… And I perceive that this natural ability to soothe and tame the wild guinea pig is another feather in the cap of Mr. Solman’s many accomplishments.

Next time: Guns, Germs, and Steel… & Guinea Pigs

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