My “Punk Rock Novel” Audiobook: New MP3 Link

Click here to go to the audiobook mp3s

This is a new, additional way you can download the 11 mp3 files that make up the “Skull of the Robot” audiobook (free of charge). It sends you to Podcast Alley, which lists the 11 installments of the novel. These links are more peppy and responsive than some of the other ones I’ve posted.

Skull of the Robot #1 (Intro + Chapter 1 & 2)
A punk rock romantic novel by Peter Gelman. Narrated by Scott Hirschberg. Passion, philosophy, fisticuffs and word ferment among American youth at the end of the cold war. Set in Minneapolis, Minnesota during the 1980s. The old cassette tapes recently found and converted to MP3 for this podcast. The audiobook consists of twenty-one chapters in eleven mp3 installments. This first installment contains an introduction by Peter Gelman. Contains original music by Peter Gelman.

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Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

Economics Reporter Soothes Guinea Pig

hayracksnooze.jpgSchubert and Ludwig take another nap. Notice that they have once again knocked down their hayrack. Schubert has discovered the brilliant idea of napping with his head inside the hayrack. That way, if he can just chew on hay with his eyes closed, drowsing his guinea pig dreams of Incan regency.

(Also note, once again they sleep perpendicular to each other.)


They are little bulls. They like knock and bump into things. When I try to pet them, sometimes they head-butt my hand, not like a cat in affection, but in tough-guy defiance. Ludwig is a little more like that than Schubert. However, I’ve noticed something about Luddy. Sometimes I take him out during the Leher News Hour. When the excellent economics reporter Paul Solman comes on, Ludwig’s tough-guy demeanor changes. He relaxes. He makes little noises of contentment. He lies flat and lets me rub his little fuzzy head.

paulsolomon.jpg Paul Solman soothes and tames our fears of learning about economics… And I perceive that this natural ability to soothe and tame the wild guinea pig is another feather in the cap of Mr. Solman’s many accomplishments.

Next time: Guns, Germs, and Steel… & Guinea Pigs

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Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

The View From the Fridge…

One day this week, I walked out of my home office and went into the kitchen. I poured myself another cup of coffee, and went to the refrigerator for some milk. Looking over the open refrigerator door, I glanced at this scene:


Purple jute rug… yes… antique gooseneck lamp…check… turqoise Minnesota landscape painting by Scott Hirschberg… check… After pouring the milk into my coffee cup, I returned to the fridge to put back the milk carton. The door open momentarily, I looked up to see this scene:

Peace lily… check… Byzantine-style miniature Madonna with child… check… light switch without cover…. check…

Hey, wait a minute! What’s this?shubfridge0circ.jpg

And what, or rather WHO, is this…?


Hmmm. It’s like sighting Nessie… Let’s look at some close-ups of this amazing photographic evidence:

shubfridge0close.jpg shubfridgeclose1.jpg

Why it’s Schubert!! Schubert the Guinea Pig, also known as Shooby-Dooby. This, citizens, THIS, is proof of the intelligence of the cavy… Proof, that Schubert the Guinea Pig is a percentive individual, one who understands the role of the human domestic appliance known as the refrigerator. Where is his brother? There is no sign that Ludwig has reached this enlightement. Ludwig is immersed in the textbook of Introduction to Timothy Hay Studies. But Schubert… Yes, he knows the fridge contains carrots, lettuce, kale, and even cilantro. Citizens, the evidence is clear. Guinea Pigs can be geniuses when it comes to food.

(And this may explain why Shooby is so chubby.)

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Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

gpsnoozefeb07a.jpgSchubert (left) and Ludwig (right) are taking a snooze, as they do every late morning to early afternoon. In this picture they’re lying between the hay rack and salt lick. I hooked up the salt lick diagonally like that because they kept knocking it down when set up normally. They like to push and knock things down. They knock the hay rack down several times a day. Sometimes they do it so noisily that they scare themselves and run down the lower levels of the cage.

When they nap, Schubert and Ludwig often choose to lie almost nose to nose, as in the picture. It’s very sweet, but I’m sure it is a defensive advantage to keep an eye on each other, in case one spots a hawk or Peruvian restauranteur. Also notice that they are lying at a 90 degree angle, so their two pairs of eyes look in all directions.

Yeah, I know the picture is blurry. My cheapo camera isn’t satisfactory. I’m going to have to buy a real one.

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Individual Podcast Links (so far…)

sr10.PNG Skull of the Robot #10 [download via]

sr9.PNG Skull of the Robot #9 [download via]…Revised 2/5/07.

Skull of the Robot #8 [download via]

sr_7.PNG Skull of the Robot #7. [download via]

DOWNLOAD #6 Skull of the Robot #6. […I reached my upload limit on Twango until mid-Feb… Until then, I’m using for this file; I re-edited this MP3 file on Friday, 1/26/07.]

Skull of the Robot #5

Skull of the Robot #4

sr3.png Skull of the Robot #3

sr2.PNG Skull of the Robot #2

badangoclick.jpg(alternative #2 download via badongo)

sr1title.PNGSkull of the Robot #1


shakesbikesmalltitle.png Mysteries of the Bicycle Explained #3: “A Brief Encounter with the Surly Shakespearean Insult-Quoting Bicycle”

smallrecumbentmobe3.png Mysteries of the Bicycle Explained #2: “Recumbent Riders Have Big, Big, Big-big, Big big big big, big, not small, BIG, Butts”

mobe1.png Mysteries of the Bicycle Explained #1: “An Intimate Examination of Bicycle Bungee Science!”

Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

Yes, Schubert plays a role in a science fiction movie as a ferocious Venusian jungle-beast.

Click here for a larger version that’s easier to read.

P.S. Looks like I accidently deleted last week’s GP blogging… Sorry about that. I’ll repost the picture & commentary another time.

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