Friday Guinea Pig Blogging


Ludwig and Schubert like kale (and so do I). They need the vitimin C (and so do I). They’re pretty good about sharing their food (well…).

I have a little wound healing on my wrist… Yes, Schubert bit me. I don’t mind. It’s an honor, really — think about it — I am one of the few human beings to have a scar from a guinea pig bite. Schubert bit me because I was “hugging and squeezing him and calling him George”.

Ludwig and Schubert aren’t completely socialized. We’re working on it. The people who gave them to us (via Craigslist) said they didn’t handle them in their first two months. They’re 11-12 months old now… Sometimes, when I reach my hand in the cage, they will hold still and let me pet them.

Besides that, I’ve trained them to make a lot of noise whenever they want food. I’m practically a guinea pig whisperer.

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