Friday Guinea Pig Blogging


Here are Schubert (left) and Ludwig (right) doing one of their favorite activities. As you can see, Ludwig has lifted his head from the bowl to watch what I’m doing… Am I going to give him a carrot? Or try to pet him? Schubert, however, merely gives me a glance and goes back to his dedicated hobby.

This is a peek at their world…


They have a cage with two levels, but like to spend most of their time up top, near the hay rack. As I type this, they’re both lying down in that area, taking a siesta. The winter sun reaches that part of their cage this time of day.

For their first 6 months, they spent most of their time downstairs, where it was more cave-like. Note that the proper name for guinea pigs is cavies. This winter, I put some old towels on top of their cage to stop any drafts from reaching them. Their behavior changed immediately–they spend very little time downstairs, now. They like the overhead cover, I think, for the sense of protection. Also, they’re near their food, and can keep an eye on the food-bringer.

Ludwig also bites that ball, lifts it, and tosses it a few inches. He has a rough-and-tumble urge. Do you see the horizontal ladder in the above picture? I hang leafy vegetables on it. A few days ago, it was several inches higher, but “someone” knocked it down. When it’s empty, and Ludwig is in the mood for trouble, he nudges it, chews it, and head-butts it. I don’t know if he’s trying to bully it, to get more food out of it, or if he’s just exuberant. These boys behave like male herding animals sometimes– funny little bison-bulls.

I find that their cheerful exuberance sets a good example.

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