Friday Guinea Pig Blogging


Here is young Ludwig, hiding behind a brick. Well, not quite. He’s partly hiding, and partly alert to any carrots, tomatoes, or kale I might be bringing him. Am I going to pick him up? Or am I going to give him food? That is the question, and he’s having a Hamlet moment.

He has a stack of bricks to climb to reach the ramp that leads to the second story of his palatial cage, which is not from from my writing desk. He, and his bro Schubert, are my office assistants. They took up that position officially from internship as I said good-bye to my elderly cats last year.

Cats and guinea pigs have quite different approaches to office assistance. For one, it comprises sleeping in the window sill, belly up, sleeping on important papers, and nudging my leg to go out in garden together. For the other, it involves running and jumping and squeaking for carrots. Either ways, they provide important value-added cost-plus assistance with excellent return on investment.

My camera broke, so I’ve had to use the older pics… But I recently purchased a new one, which should arrive next week. That promises more excitement on Friday posts.

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