Introduction to “Skull of the Robot”


“Skull of the Robot” is a novel I wrote back in 1993 or so. (At that time I gave it the odd title “Jack O’lantern, Skull and Robot”, but I am now re-naming it.)

It is a bit of a punk rock novel, set in the late 1980s. I say “punk rock” to denote the time, and the youthful feeling, more than the actual theme. It’s not about music or wearing punk rock attire. It’s about being young and passionate in that era. At that time I was very excited about language and innovative prose. The romantic, unconventional prose of Jack Kerouac inspired me. However, I don’t claim that this work was beatnik–I suppose that would be impossible. It seems more accurate to say punk rock.

Need I say that this work did not find publication?

However, I shared some copies with friends… And reaction was sharply divided. Some, perhaps expectedly, found it too weird and not to their taste. Others seemed to like it more than anything else I had shared with that at that time–including work with more conventional prose. Maybe the work is okay for some readers, then.

A buddy, Scott Hirschberg, surprised me with a video he made of my book. He read the text, and matched creative imagery to it. He gave me a video tape copy, and cassette tapes of just the audio. I’m not sure if this was 1994 or 1995…?

Let the mists of time descend… and then… evaporate. It’s 2006 now. I was cleaning the basement and found the tapes. I’m going to digitalize them and release them as a separate podcast. (Scott gave me permission.) We’ll see how that goes before considering digital life for the video.

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Explanation of “M.O.B.E.”

“Mysteries of the Bicycle Explained” originated as a column I wrote for “Oregon Cycling Magazine” starting in late 1999. I wrote about 35 columns, illustrated by excellent cartoonist Neal Skorpen. Over time, the column’s content varied and evolved (including a serial bike adventure novella), but usually took a comical attitude. I also wrote book and movie reviews, journalism, and opinion pieces… all with a bicycle theme. I read one of the stories on a radio program. I left the magazine due to lack of payment and disagreements over copyright. But I still write the stories. The Canadian anthology “Traffic Life” (see My Books section) republished three of them, plus a journalist article I wrote. A similar type of piece I wrote found its way into Breakaway Books’ “Bicycle Love” anthology (see My Books).

At this time, December 2006, I’ve almost finished the first podcast of “Mysteries of the Bicycle Explained”, and I have two more on the way. (The podcasts includes music I’ve somehow concocted.)
I think that podcasts are the best way for me to reach an audience at this time.

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My Publications & Review Links

> A reader examines the philosophy of Moonifest Destiny

> Listed in the Steampunk Chronology Project (Poland)

> A review of Flying Saucers Over Hennepin

> Another review of FSOH

> A bicycle magazine’s review of the anthology Traffic Life (including my contribution)

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Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

There’s a tradition among blogs (at least among political blogs) to post pictures of cats on Friday.

I want to expand that tradition to my office assistants. They are two guinea pig brothers named Ludwig and Schubert:

Ludwig & Schubert

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Danger Quest Mysteries… Explained

dqmpic1.pngDQM title 1

Welcome to Danger Quest Mysteries! This is the website of podcast fiction by me, Peter Gelman… fiction of a curiously reaching, asking, questing sort, sometimes bold and dangerous, often ridiculous, laughing at the enigmatic, poking the soft underbelly of the profound, and yes, studiously mysterious!

My podcasts will include my dangerously original music, too!  All I have to do is push a button, turn a crank, and music spits out.

Sometimes my office assistants (two guinea pigs, literally, the nice little creatures) add their helpful chirps and burbles.

I’ve released my first few podcasts now… of my humorous series, “Mysteries of the Bicycle Explained”.

“Skull of the Robot” should become available for download some time in February.


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