MOBE Podcast #3

MOBE03: A Brief Encounter with the Surly Shakespearean Insult-Quoting Bicycle

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Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

This is little Ludwig when he about three months old. (He’s currently 10 months old.)

That seems to be his brother Schubert’s rear end behind him.

(They’re too big to fit under that wooden piece these days.)

By the way, I’m almost finished with MOBE #3… It’s hard to find the time for the final edit.

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Friday Guinea Pig Blogging

This is Flash.

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MOBE Podcast #2

MOBE02: Recumbent Riders Have Big, Big, Big-big, Big big big big, big, not small, BIG, Butts

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MOBE Podcast #1

MOBE01: An Intimate Examination of Bicycle Bungee Science!

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Writing, Speech, and Revision

Reading these stories aloud has lead me to make some changes– sometimes improvised on the spot, sometimes calculated– to increase the comic effect. I’m sure I should have tried this before, but I actually I thought I did… Only, when reading to myself only, and not for others (like recording for podcast), I didn’t make the effort to entertain with my voice’s tone, timing, and stress. I didn’t plumb the eloqutionary quadrants for insight into deeper nonsense. And I think that has opened up some opportunistic moments.

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Update: Next Week #1-3 MOBE Release?

I changed my mind regarding choice of content for MOBE #3. I’m switching the #4 and #3 stories. I have the raw audio for the 4th finished. I made some more recordings yesterday for the new #3, a longer story… Two or three times longer than the previous ones… It’s about half-recorded now.

Also I started to make some time-consuming edits to #1 (learning pain).  Today I’m helping take care of an ailing person, so looks like next week I’ll be uploading.

Last week I recorded a Mission Statement, which is short. I’ll probably add that to the end of a shorter content episode.

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Friday Guinea Pig Blogging: Batman

Last Saturday, we said good-bye to Batman, our dear companion for 18 years.  (This picture dates from last summer.)

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Portland Weather Icons

Hmmm… well, okay….

Wait–an update:

Alright…  No, wait!  Another update:

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First Podcast Release is Almost Ready…

Status Report: I’ve finished recording and editing the first two podcasts of “Mysteries of the Bicycle Explained.”  I’ve started on the third, and want to finish it before I start the multi-step uploading process… Maybe I’ll be able to do this before the end of this week… Gasp!

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